Apparently, it’s my last night on TV on campus! So, if you’re you between 10 and 10:30 tonight, click HERE to watch me tell Oswego how crappy the weather is going to get! (I’m trying to make it as exciting as possible because the weather tomorrow is going to suck)

Finishing my intake paperwork for the psychiatrist tomorrow. All good vibes sent my way will be much appreciated.

Got to play with filters in an app. This one caught my attention.

Got to play with filters in an app. This one caught my attention.

Turn out my knee isn’t terrible; the important stuff is okay. But, there’s too much fluid in it and I have to wear this fancy schmancy brace that holds my knee cap in place. And apparently the bone is really bruised.
On top of this, we found out that my uncle’s cancer spread through his chest and has metastasized to his bones, one of which needs radiation or else it’ll break his hip.
I don’t even know how to deal with all of this.

Sorry, I just needed to vent. Carry on.

Things that are currently making me feel bad right now:

1) I am the last person to find out about Porter and Nicole.
2) I feel like I have lost friends due to inactivity, and the fact that I’m a depressed little shit.
3) Psychiatrist visit in two weeks. I don’t wanna.
4) I leave North Carolina tomorrow night.
5) I’m having bad thoughts about my boyfriend.
6) Actually I’m just having bad thoughts in general.

Things that are making me feel good right now:

1) I pooped 3 times today.

so we have a half-bathroom on the first floor and i’m sitting here watching tv and i realized it was poop time so i go to the bathroom and i realized if i opened the door all the way i could WATCH TV WHILE ON THE TOILET god bless america

I’m actually back for realsies this time.

I miss the fandoms. I miss my friends. I had a REALLY busy winter break with a research grant and work.

It’s my last semester in college.


A coworker at work today was talking about how she’s lost x pounds.

She pointed out these diet pills that “Dr. Oz swears by” and that “I could use just in case.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the only way to trigger me more than this did is to tell me I am fat.

Oh my fuck.

I mad at myself because I’m frustrated with myself over things I shouldn’t be frustrated about.

It doesn’t even make any sense!

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

I love you guys.


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